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Discover the best way to see and share stories made of photos + text. Follow your friends and your favorite artists and get the WHOLE story of their adventures - that you can't get anywhere else.

A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words.
A Story is Worth a Million.

We love texting and sharing photos with our friends. Pinyata is where you can share the real stories from your week filled with photos, comments and jokes - just like life.

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Balloon your favorite posts.

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If you can navigate iCal, you're good to go!

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Our minimal interface puts your content front and center.

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Unlimited photo hosting. Free because it's more fun that way!

How It Works

Post photos and text to create a Photo Story and share it with your friends and followers.

Your friends will get your Photo Story on their timeline and they can post with you, too!

Post in real-time, in the past or in the future!

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Pinyata is free and available for both iPhone and Android users so everyone can post into each other's Stories.

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You can browse around without signing up. Once you decide to sign up, it only takes 90 seconds and you can start posting too.

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See what it is like to be a band living on their tour bus, a model, or a modern explorer camping above the tree line!

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It's easy to post in your favorite stories. When people like what you have to say they will balloon your posts!

One, Two, Three! Screenshots

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1) See your timeline 3 days at a time
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2) Zoom in for a closer view
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3) Add photos and text to any Story!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my password?

Do you have a Terms of Use?

What if I only want to post with my friends and family in private?

Tap the button on the lower far right > Preferences > Privacy Settings > Are all your adventures public? > Tap NO. Each time you post a new Photo Story you will have the option to only share with your friends. :)


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If you haven't signed up for Pinyata yet, do so! I'm learning the ways, go follow me! #pinyata
- Telle Smith, lead singer for The Word Alive

Pinyata has a lot of the features I like... But it has features I haven't seen in other social apps. In particular, I like how each Adventure can have a interactive "story" behind it, with chatter and photos being captured by the group.
- Adam Cheyer, co-founder and VP Engineering at Siri

Pinyata has helped me increase my sales by having higher engagement with my customers who seem to really like watching my creative process :)
- Jill Aiko Yee, fashion designer

Life on Warped Tour + Pinyata has became a cool part of my daily routine. Say what's up!
- Ryan Seaman, drummer for Falling In Reverse

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Telle Smith

Lead singer for The Word Alive, on Warped Tour all summer!

Survive This!

Epitaph Records noise makers Survive This! share their brand of rock all summer long on Warped Tour.

Dallon Weekes

On tour with Panic! At The Disco on The Gospel Tour with Youngblood Hawke and more!

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